Who are we?

About Vikinduku

Vikinduku is a sustainable engineering design and consulting company specializing in solutions to design and operate buildings with improved energy efficiency; as well as providing green solutions to the construction, transport, and mining industries that result in reduced impact on the environment.

Vikinduku was founded in 2005. It’s also a member of various counsels namely… the Green Buildings Council of South Africa (GBCSA), SA Association of Energy Efficiency (SAEE), SA Association of Energy Services Companies (SAAE), SA Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) since 2009.

Specializing in the design, specification and management of engineering services we have a proven track record in exceeding clients’ needs and expectations across diverse projects, from industrial; commercial; transport; and corporate environments through;

A culture and ethos that’s based on practicing solid investment principles in sustainable solutions in the design of a project and the timely production of contract documentation as key to its environmental and commercial success.

Producing high quality and holistic solutions, which reduce both life cycle operating costs and the environmental impact of buildings over many different industries.Sustainability is our core goal. 

Our projects continue to save 2.2 kWh per second, which is equivalent to 2 tons of carbon emissions per second.


To become the strategic partner of choice to the clients we serve.

To add true value to our clients sustainability.

To provide engineering services that improves the workplace.

To promote quality and efficient practices in our industry and the workplace.

To work and consult with all stakeholders to achieve common goals.