Low cost houses for the middle class

STANDERTON – The MEC for Human Settlement Mr Andries Gamede in association with Vikindukundu Joint Venture and 3i Housing, launched low-cost houses for the people of Lekwa.

The small community of Lekwa extension 8, have reason to celebrate along with the MEC, all the stakeholders involved in making the integrated settlements a reality were present to witness the MEC Gamede do the sod-turning to the new low-cost residential that will be built in this area.

“We are committed to build this country together black and white. There must be no race who will oppress another. In 1955 South African people met in Cape Town and asked if there would be a new and improved nation what would it be and a united and growing nation was the agreement and so since then efforts to achieve that was underway,” said Gamede.

He continued to say: “We are here today ensuring that one of our promises to the people of this country that we will deliver better houses all in due time, keeping in mind that we cannot help everybody at once. There will be only two task teams assigned to handle this project and they are the Technical and Political committees because there is money involved and we cannot afford any discrepancies.

“The Premier DD Mabuza once asked me to build a sustainable integrated human settlement for our province and this is what I am aiming to achieve in Lekwa municipality and the rest of Mpumalanga,” he said.

Mr Hope Mashele of Vikinduku Engineering and Projects had this to say: “Three years ago the planning of this project began and today we are here to initiate this project. We plan on making the Gert Sibande district a place of investment for businesses. This project will also help in job opportunities. Estimated numbers of full time jobs will mark up to 4 000 that will be created.

“These houses are aimed at middle income earners and will be semi-subsidised to ensure its affordability to our market. We also plan on building a mall and a school in this area and all we touch is not anything less than great work and the partnership we have formed with 3i is a great one, which we plan on making the communities in Standerton also benefit from,” he explained.

“This project encounters a different typology in housing, unlike some houses that are built which makes them better. They are solar powered and environmental friendly and energy saving was one of our priorities when planning for these houses and with our efforts, we expect to be praised for building extraordinary houses as Mabombo n Vikinduku Joint Venture and 3i Housing.” said Mr Zamuncedo Mabombo.

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